About Me.

I am a full stack WordPress developer based in Bandung, Indonesia. I started freelancing in 2009 and have worked for a wide range of personal clients and agencies.

I help digital design agencies, businesses and other freelancers in Indonesia and across the world make their web projects great.

I have wide knowledge of many modern technologies in web development stack — from low-level networking protocols and system tweaking (debian, nginx, apache) to server-side programming (PHP, MySQL) to client-side programming (HTML5 APIs, Javascript, AngularJS). I could solve the programming task of any complexity for you.

I prefer to develop complex and unique web and / or user interface instead of creating simple websites similar to each other. I love new things and new technology.

Thanks for visiting my profile, just contact me even for just say hi or want to discuss about your project or your idea. I hope it worth your time 🙂

Best regards,